The Department of Computer Science, in association with IIC and IEDC, organized a seminar on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”. The invited speaker for the topic was Ms. Ann Rija, Senior Consultant, Cloud Innovations. She provided wide information about the applicability of artificial intelligence and how to drive this concept in startups.

Objectives of the Program

Her talk broadly covered topics such as the utility of artificial intelligence across various sectors like self-learning platforms, health care, and AI’s future prospects. The topics covered during the talk were: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Current status in India, Uses across various sectors and self-learning


About 55 students from the first year of B.Sc.Computer Science and BCA participated in the seminar. Students participated actively during the session. Moreover, the talk will be an interactive session that will be open for discussion and student views.

Outcome of the Program

  1. Students became aware of various job opportunities and career options in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  2. They got an idea of the practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which generated interest in students.