Department of biotechnology and Zaara Biotech jointly organized a product development training programme for the final year and first year BSc Biotechnology students on 10-02-2023.

Zaara Biotech is a company based at Kochi.  The company worked to create cutting-edge methods to fight malnutrition and raise living standards. Currently, Zaara Biotech focuses on producing nutritious food and ships its large selection of goods all over the globe. Along with its fantastic selection of goods, the company also develops and produces sustainable environmental solutions based on cutting-edge technology, with quality integrated at every stage.

The training programme started at 2.30 pm in the seminar hall. Two executives from Zaara Biotech addressed the students. Students received instruction on product development from Mr. Mohammed Riya Suneeb, Operations Head India, and Mr. Arun Joy, Vice President, Research and Development. They gave thorough explanations of their business and the products they created. Additionally, they offered a two-month training course on “Product Development in Food & Beverages” for interested students.

The training was over at 4pm. Ms. Rahimol Ramesh, Head of the Department delivered the vote of thanks.