The Biodiversity club members of Al Ameen College has identified all the plants on the college campus and paced boards to display their local name and scientific name. The identification and recognition of the plant was a month-long process, which was coordinated by the biodiversity club coordinator Ms.Alphy Nisa Steaphen and expert level identification was done with the help of the botanist Dr.Jiby Kuriakose from SH college Thevara. As the next step, all the plants and their local name, scientific name and other essential details were collected and designed under Ms Alphy and Ms Sreeja S and then different categories of boards were prepared with financial assistance from Al Ameen College management. The names of the big trees and the plants in the herbal garden were displayed on board made with bamboo; while the plant’s name in Shanthistal (The conserved area of rare plants and trees) were displayed on wooden boards and was written by the students of nature club under the coordination of Ms Jiss Therese and Ms Alphy. The boards in the star garden and nine planet gardens displays not only the name but also the star and the planet which they represent, respectively. In the state flower garden, the boards give information about the plant and also the speciality of each state. All the faculty members of the club including Dr Salini Ajith, Ms Angel C John, Ms and Sreeja C were also involved in placing the board. The technical assistant Mr Safeer Ummer wholeheartedly participated in each and every step of this program. Placing name boards for all the plants on the campus were completed by 6/11/2020.