Department of Biotechnology conducted an outreach program in flood affected area of 18th ward of Edathala Panchayath .Survey was done as an extension program of the department which also showcases social commitment of our department to the society we belong.The protocol selected for the water analysis is” MULTIPLE TUBE FERMENTATION TEST” AND “pH DETERMINATION”. Drinking water also known as potable water, And the water that is safe to drink,Used for cooking. So to understand the quality of drinking water we conducted the survey. This Panchayath is our home Panchayath and with this consideration we performed the portability of drinking water. This endeavor could only be successful because of the coordination of Edathala Panchayath and the effort of our department. The report describes the drinking water quality of all (well) sample that served the population of more than ten houses. Out of the ten sample, Two sample (A, B, C, D&J) shows the presence of gram negative bacilli. Hence the presence of E.coli was confirmed again and the result showed that water samples were not portable due to the presence of bacteria and slightly acidic nature (6.5-7 range) of the water sample. Hence we reported the Edathala Panchayath to take necessary step in this case study and report the social obligation regarding the matter. Kindly take further steps and inform people about the health hazards they may have to face because the water is not portable. Our department have no license to do further detailed study, Hence submitting the report.