The Post Graduate Department of Computer Sciences in association with IPSR Limited Kottayam,IIC and IEDC has organized an Interactive Session on Machine Learning and Data Science  for UG and PG students  on 16 August 2023. The session was handled by Faizal B, Consultant-Technical Services, IPSR Solutions Limited. He introduced key concepts on Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning defining critical terms, capabilities as well as current limitations of Data security. The session began at 9.30 am and continued till 12.00 pm. All the students and faculty members participated in the programme and got exposure about various AI technologies and Machine Learning  and its Applications

He exhorted students to prefer research, entrepreneurship over on campus placement. He emphasized that education should focus on acquiring knowledge rather than solely on securing placements. Students should strive for well-rounded development by actively participating in sports, extracurricular activities, in addition to excelling in academics. Faizal B provided guidance on Data Science and its wide range of opportunities out there as a Data Scientist , how one can do research in field of interest and contribute to Computer science in the field of Data Analytics. He told us about the opportunities in Machine Learning and IOT as the research fields plus how one should go about preparing for different competitive exams, PhD and M.Phil courses.

A brief description of the presentation included the following:

  • Course Vision, with adequate knowledge on course outcomes
  • Innovative teaching methodologies incorporated in the Certificate Course
  • Faculty and student Research publication in Conferences and Journals
  • Professional Society activities of IEEE and CSI
  • Programme oriented skills details
  • Research Club activities in various domains

The feedback from the students indicates that most of them were content with the orientation program’s objectives. The students showed keen interest in the project ideas discussed and have gained sufficient knowledge in the topics of Machine Learning and Data Analytics. They had the opportunity to familiarize themselves to Data Analytics.    Mrs. Roshin Rafi served as the program coordinator, and the program concluded with a gracious thank-you speech delivered by MSc student Miss. Thanseela Kareem.