The first Parents Teachers Association for the freshers of the biotechnology department for the academic year 2020-2021 was conducted on 30th October 2020, at 8.00 PM through Google meet platform. The meeting constituted of 36 participants that included the six teachers of the department and the parents of 30 students. Class tutor, Ms Alphy Nisa Steaphen welcomed the online gathering followed by the  inaugural address, delivered by the Head Of the Department, Ms.Rahimol Ramesh. During her speech, she gave information about the rules and regulations of the college and the department and also emphasized on the role of parents in students’ life and academics, especially in the present pandemic scenario.  Dr.Dhanya V, Ms. Sanooja MS, Ms.Chinnu PS and Ms Thasni Faizal also shared their suggestions. During the discussion, the parents presented their concerns about various matters encountered in student’s life and their academics. After having a cordial and informative session with the parents the meeting concluded.