19th November, is celebrated as national Integration Day in India, an honour to India’s first Woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Commonly known as Iron Lady of India, this day is the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi. AL Ameen College on Behalf of Ethics and value Club organised an integration programme which showcased the importance of unity and integration among the individuals for a peaceful society and well being.

A total of 80 students participated from all the departments.

Integration did not mean that there are no differences on any issue. It basically means despite the differences, all accept what is in the larger interest of the nation. This national integration makes all citizens imbued with patriotism. They first consider themselves citizens of India, and next Hindus, Muslim or others. Notwithstanding differences in opinions and beliefs, all the people of a nation are full of mutual love, integration and brotherhood. National integration, thus, is a sentiment which reflects solidarity or patriotism among the people belonging to a nation. It fosters a common identity amongst the citizens of a country making them feel that they are all one.

National integration makes the nation strong and organized. It holds the people of various religions, sects, races, civilization and culture together. Despite several differences, all the people remain in mutual harmony with each other.

India is a shining example of national integration. Very few countries have the kind of diversity that’s there in India. Here people of various castes and communities, whose lifestyle, cultures, languages and customs are completely different, live together. All are bound by the thread of national integration.