Women Cell, in association with KSWDC, launched the Menstrual Cup Awareness Programme, a campaign, on February 15, 2023, at the college auditorium in order to promote the use of menstrual cups instead of sanitary napkins. As part of this campaign, the menstrual cup was made available free of charge to all college girls and teachers. IMA Kochi President, Dr. Maria Varghese, conducted a session on awareness for students and teachers of the college. The doctor spoke on menstrual hygiene, the use of the menstrual cup, and how its use can make menstrual days feel like any other normal day. Menstrual Cups are considered eco-friendly as they are reusable, durable, sustainable, and reliable. Economically, the menstrual cups are less expensive as compared to the sanitary pads. These cups are washable and reusable. The event promoting a sustainable and inclusive future was a great success, and Women Cell is looking forward to continuing with the mission to ensure better menstrual hygiene. A 10-day counter was opened for the sale of menstrual cups on campus, and women cell members led the campaign.