The Institution’s Innovation Council at Al Ameen College, Edathala, in collaboration with the BTTM Department, initiated a sustainable practice aimed at transforming waste paper recycling into a creative endeavour.  Every day, copious amounts of paper are utilized and discarded in various settings, including companies, schools, colleges, and numerous other institutions, leading to the generation of waste paper. Some are dumbed down as waste and some are burned. Disposing waste paper burning creates a lot of pollution. It becomes a menace to society and the environment.

The BTTM department Students have an idea to recycle the paper waste, make a pulp using water and use it to make a map with a three dimensional feel.In the final year, the coordinators were Mr. Fazil, Mr. Ameen, Mr. Ismail, Ms. Athulya, and Ms. Safeela.

The second-year coordinators included Mr. Musammil, Ms. Nandana, and Ms. Abhirami.Representing the first year was Mr. Thanseer as the coordinator.

The mapmaking was an innovative and sustainable practice where the Map of India was made from waste paper , rice paint and wood. The waste paper was recycled using water and a pulp was made so that it was modulated into the shape of India as per the boundary lines set by students. It was started by Department of Tourism BTTM from July last week The materials used  were Waste paper , rice , paint , Gum, Twine , Wood

The Map contains all states in the country in multicolor with QR Code of official tourism websites of each state which makes it easier for viewers to get all details within fingertips.

Benefits of such practices 

  • The paper waste could be converted into creative products
  • Creativity of students could be ulitilised
  • Small dolls and maps  showpiece materials could be created
  • A sale of such products could be undertaken in future
  • It acts as a Eco-friendly and sustainable practice

It was the concept developed by students who planned for an Eco friendly map Guided by BTTM HOD Jiz Therez and supported by teachers. The Project was completed and Inaugurated on 23/08/23 by the Manager Dr Junaid Rahman & Principal Dr Cini Kurian .