An Inspirational talk by Mr Ajay Basil Varghese, Assistant Professor, ASIET, Kalady was delivered on 07 October 2021, at the Seminar Hall of Al-Ameen College. The programme started with a silent prayer followed by a welcome address by the Head of the Department of Physics  Ms Hiba Rahman E . Principal Dr. Cini Kurian also graced the function with her esteemed presence.

Mr Ajay Basil is the Nodal Officer of Adishankara IEDC & TBI, and co-founder of Vooxo Labs. He also acts as a mentor for many student entrepreneurs from their college. He gave ideas about deciding the goals & how to achieve those goals. He highlighted that, if we want to be successful, then the product or any business that we want to start should be innovative & should impress & attract customers. He also explained about Patents and the Procedures to be followed for the same. At the end of the talk, he also differentiated the terms ‘Job and entrepreneurship’ and ‘Future and a Bright Future’. Throughout the lecture, he motivated all our students on ‘how to be a successful entrepreneur and be successful in future’. The students were highly inspired by his talk and were ready to accept the challenges.