The department of Economics organized an industrial visit to Highlands Tea Factory (Jeevan Tea) for the second year BA Economics students on 06/04/2019. The
students were accompanied by two faculty members of the department-Prof Abdul Hakkeem.P.M.(HOD) and Prof Shanibha.M.H. The students visit to tea factory gave them a firsthand experience on the different steps in the processing of tea for commercial purpose. It started in 2000 .The officials at the tea factory explained enthusiastically about the growth of tea plantations in Kerala. The different process through which the tea is processed were witnessed by the students at various stages of the tea processing such as Crush, tear, curl – and learn about the production of Kerala black tea variants. The students were provided facility for purchasing different varieties of tea and enjoyed a cup of delicious freshly prepared tea. The products of superior quality and hence is export oriented.