The department of economics arranged an industrial visit to Munnar Tea factory for the final year BA Economics student on 26/02/2015. The students were accompanied by the three faculty members of the department-Prof.Abdul Hakkeem.P.M.(HOD),Prof Shanibha.M.H. and Prof Kala.N.. The students visit tea factory and museum and got to know many interesting facts related to the process of manufacturing tea and all other related aspects of selling and distribution. The KDHP Tea Museum is an industry and history museum situated in Munnar, a town in the Idukki district of Kerala in South India. Tata Tea Museum is its official name, but it’s also known as Nalluthanni Estate where it is located, or Kannan Devan Hills Plantation (KDHP) Tea Museum. It started in 1905 and is now a fully automotive factory.The tea museum preserves the aspects on the genesis and growth of tea plantations in Kerala. The museum houses curiosities, photographs and machineries,
depicting a turning point that contributed to Idukki’s flourishing tea industry. different process through which the tea is processed were witnessed by the students at various stages of the tea processing such as Crush, tear, curl – and learn about the production of Kerala black tea variants. A section of the museum also houses classic bungalow furniture and office equipment of the Colonial area in Kerala, model of rail engine operated in 1924..The.They also acknowledge the history of Munnar by going through the history of tea gardens in Munnar. The students were provided facility for purchasing different varieties of tea and enjoyed a cup of delicious freshly prepared tea.