The Department of English, Al-Ameen College, hosted an induction program on NCC, which was led by Lt. Dino Varghese, an expert in the field. The programme was held at 11: 30 am on 9th November 2020. The session was enlightening though crisp, as it detailed the various nuances of NCC, and its correlation with academics.

Though the induction was meant for first year BA English students, students and teacher representatives from all the three years participated in the programme. The orientation undoubtedly helped nourish the required spirit among the first year students, as was evident from their vibrant responses.

Lt. Dino Varghese, who is in charge of the NCC unit of the college, expressed his huge expectations for the new batch, as their involvement in NCC and its activities would not only mean that they are vibrant, but also responsible in fulfilling their duties to the nation, in one way or the other.