An inaugural ceremony for the unveiling of the English Department bi-monthly magazine The College Chronicle was held on Saturday 14th August 2021 at 11:00 a.m. via the Google meet platform. Students of the 2nd and 3rd year of the English Department accomplished the online magazine publishing as part of their course-related work. Recent issues of the Covid 19 situation, as well as trailblazer Olympic 2020 achievement, were included in the magazine. Besides various poems, sketches and social issues were also focused in the magazine.

 Miss Afiya Anwar and Miss Fathima U.A, students from the Department of English of Al Ameen College welcomed the guests’ Dr A.K Vasu (Poet and Activist), Dr Junaid Rahman, Manager, Al Ameen College; Dr Cini Kurian, Principal (Al Ameen College), Dr Pratheesh Peter (Writer and former faculty) and Miss Ann Mary (Writer and former faculty). The editor in charge of the magazine Mrs Seethal George was also welcomed.

In his Presidential speech, Dr Junaid Rahman, Manager said, magazine publishing work will develop the artistic and creative knowledge of the students. They will be capable enough to show their calibre at their workstation as well. Appreciating students for this creative work Dr Cini Kurian, Principal said she will keep her effort to continue this special supplement in future in order to enrich students’ aesthetic sense.

The program was followed by words of the Chief Guest Dr A.K Vasu enlightening the students with the purpose and importance of a magazine. The magazine would be a platform for them to evolve themselves in various prospects of life. It would encourage not only students or faculty, it also is a platform for every individual present in the institution. The program was further continued by the unveiling of the magazine by a presentation ceremony.

The ceremony was followed by congratulating the achievements of former faculty Dr Pratheesh Peter and Miss Ann Mary, both of whom are aspiring writers by Mr Viju P.V (Asst Professor). Both of our guests graced us with their valuable words.

There was a huge response for the programme with around 80 active participants. Among other coordinators of the English Department, faculty members of other departments and students of the various departments were present for the inauguration ceremony. The program marked its conclusion with a vote of thanks by Miss Seethal George at 12:30 pm.