‘Holistic Yoga Therapy’: Add-On-Course offered by Department of Physical Education was inaugurated in July 2014. Thirty students including both boys and girls from various classes attended the sessions. Guest faculty Mr.Kuttappantook classes for the students in the morning from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. Holistic Yoga Therapy is basically a system of self-treatment according to the Yogic view. Physical and mental diseases, disorders and ailments are the result of faulty ways of living, unhealthy eating habits, lack of proper knowledge about things related to healthy  livingimproper and inadequate exercises, personal and career stress etc. It is very difficult to explain the root course of many diseases .Lack of proper and balanced diet, timely exercises, hygienic care, stressful life are some other major factors in our country affecting millions of people including both male and female of all age group. The most disheartening aspect of many of the diseases is that they are not permanently curable through medicine especially when it is in chronic stage. This also affects the mental status of patients. Holistic Yoga Therapy is not a well-known practice to the medical practitioners and they may not make use of it to cure the diseases. But the practice of Holistic Yoga Therapy in a long tenure helps a person to cure the diseases from its root cause. Department of Physical Education attempted to promote this Yoga Therapy course among the students to help them maintain a healthy life. Department through offering of this course also aimed to ensure practice of yoga in students’ daily routine thereby helping them to maintain a healthy and contented life.