The insurance sector is one of the pillars of the financial services sector, along with the banking and securities sectors. As an infrastructural service, insurance plays a key role in economic development. A well-functioning insurance sector enables efficient allocation of a country’s capital and channels national savings to investments. Given its dual role as an infrastructural and commercial service, the sector directly and indirectly affects the activities of individuals and businesses. Department of Economics has organized one day seminar   on Exploring Insurance-Socio Economic Aspects of Insurance on 2/11/2022  at mini seminar hall for first year students of Economics. Mr. E P Joy, Council Member, Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai was the resource person. The purpose of the seminar was to explore the relationship between insurance and economic growth and employability of insurance sector. Dr.Abdul Hakkeem PM extended a warm welcome for resource person and the participants. The speaker gave a picture of working of Insurance industry and its role in socio economic development. He also highlighted the job prospectus of fast developing industry in India. At the end there was an interactive session in which the students raised their queries about the benefit of studying insurance as vocational paper at the UG level. Dr.Shaniba MH ,Head of department proposed vote of thanks.