Debate is a formal argument, in which two opposing teams propose or attack a given proposition or motion in a series of speeches. It is governed by a set of rules. The Debate Competition held creates opportunities for students to develop their debating skills and get awareness on current socio economic situation.Department of Economics conducted a debate on the Topic Recent Verdicts by Supreme Court in India on Decriminalizing homosexuality and Adultery at 11.a.m. on 24/10/2018, Tuesday at seminar Hall. Dr. Muse Mary George, H.O.D of Malayalam, U.C College, Aluva was the Key speaker. She introduced the topic and the need and background of the verdict by the Supreme Court. She told the students that it is a step towards attaining gender equality. Students were divided in to two groups opposing group and supporting group. 64 students from various departments had participated this year for the competition.But the majority students opposed the decision of Supreme Court. They are of the unanimous opinion that Indian society disapproved of homosexuality, no religion can approve it and it is purely based on “international trend and western influence”. They determinedly argue that there is a vast cultural difference between Indian and other societies
of the world. The pro group argued that India’s Supreme Court has given a ray of hope to India’s LGBT community by agreeing to reopen the debate on the controversial Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a colonial-era law that criminalizes homosexuality. The teams projected their well-reasoned arguments in a persuasive way. The judges and the audience appreciated the information and dynamic nature of their conduct.