The department of Economics conducted a certificate course in Economics for the students of other disciplines. Ten students participated in the programme. It was inaugurated on 17/02/2014.The course is based on the debated topic of the insurance industry. With the advent of market oriented approach, globalization, reforms and competition in the insurance sector. It provides ample employment opportunities to the students. Insurance industry is an important constituent of financial services industry and one of the fastest growing sector in India. Its importance increases in our country as more than 121 crores of people in which about 35 percent people are living below poverty line. Majority of ordinary people are even not aware of different types of insurance policies which are highly beneficial to them in their day to day life. This course attempts to impart general awareness on Life Insurance and General Insurance policies offered by both private and government insurance companies in India. This course presents the concepts and practices used in the insurance industry such as underwriting, claim settlement etc.