Community extension activities are organized to create deep social awarenessamong the students. Theseactivities play a large role in creating communityknowledge in them which isessential for raising socially committed  citizens.AlAmeen College has been organizingvarious events in association with thisextension cell over the years and has been lauded forthe results.The Department of English, on 13/02/2019, renovated an anganvady at  KanjoorGramapanchayath Ward 2, as part of the community extension activities. Theanganvady wasdeprived of the kind of atmosphere required for learning. Theinitiative came about as anoutcome of rigorous discussions between teachersand students. The group included aroundtwenty students and four teachers.Students were thrilled to beautify the anganvady withgraffiti and child friendlydrawings. By the end of the activity, there could be seen an overallpositivechange in the surroundings.The anganvady beautification activity was covered at alarge scale by the medialand has won great appreciation from officials. Thesuccess of thisprogramme hasset the standard high for the community activities that are to come in thefuture.