The Department of Commerce (self) in association with Institution’s Innovation Council, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre, MOE’s Innovation Cell, Al Ameen College Edathala, organized a seminar on 11th  August  2023 at 11 AM, titled    ‘Introduction to Security Market and Depository System.’ The event aimed to shed light on the intricacies of the security market and the significance of the depository system. The distinguished resource person, Mr. Sunit CS from CSDL, delivered an insightful session that enriched the understanding of all participants.

Mr. Sunit CS commenced the seminar by providing an in-depth overview of the security market, elucidating its role in facilitating trade and investment. He delved into the various types of securities, including stocks, bonds, and derivatives, and elaborated on their functioning within the market.

The concept of the depository system was introduced by Mr. Sunit CS emphasizing its critical role in simplifying the process of securities, trading and settlement. He elucidated how the depository system minimizes risks and enhances the efficiency of transactions.

Throughout the session, Mr. Sunit CS shared real-world examples and case studies, offering participants a practical understanding of the concepts discussed. He also addressed queries from the audience, further enhancing the clarity of the subject matter.

The seminar commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Mary PU, who expressed her delight at the opportunity to learn from an esteemed expert in the field. She emphasized the importance of understanding the security market and depository system in today’s financial landscape.

As the seminar drew to a close, Ms. Anna P extended a heartfelt vote of thanks on behalf of all participants. She expressed gratitude to Mr. Sunit CS for his enlightening presentation, which contributed significantly to the participants’ knowledge. Ms. Anna P also thanked Dr. Mary PU for inaugurating the event and acknowledged the efforts of everyone who contributed to its success.


The seminar on “Introduction to Security Market and Depository System” provided a comprehensive insight into these crucial aspects of the financial domain. The informative session by Mr. Sunit CS and the active participation of attendees contributed to the overall success of the event. The seminar successfully achieved its goal of enhancing participants’ understanding of the security market and depository system.

No. of Participants: 66

Outcome of the programme: Guidance for understanding security market, building stronger relationships for achieving career and personal goals.