Strategic plan identifies the future direction of an institution and maps the way the direction will be reached. This will certainly help the institution to choose priorities based on self-evaluation and understanding. The strategic planning can assist in the effective management and prioritization of limited resources, encourage institutional unity around agreed strategies and give a clearly defined path of action.

Strategic thinking best describes the part of the process that considers the broad picture of an institution and identifies main strategies that will provide institutional strength and focus. It may include identification of desired institutional outcomes, such as key performance indicators. Al – Ameen College organised a workshop on 25th June, 2022 to get valuable inputs from the teaching community of this institution.

The whole teaching staff of various departments were categorised into 7 groups, each group with 10 teachers and this group were asked to discuss and come out with valuable suggestions for the development of institution in the forthcoming years. At the end of this brain storming process, leader from each group presented their plans before Management and Principal.

The Principal congratulated each group for coming up with excellent tactics and plans towards the progression of college and for its bright future. Manager also expressed his content regarding the active participation of each staff in the brain storming process. A review and follow up meeting – Strategic Planning process – Phase II will be organised on 30th July, 2022.