Students of Al Ameen College visited 24 News studio on 11 may 2023. Total of 60 students participated in the program. The students were given a tour of the studio and learned about the different aspects of news production. They also interviewed some of the news anchors and producers. They participated as audience in a popular program called ‘ Janakeeyakodathi’

The students were impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities at 24 News. They learned about the use of teleprompters, cameras, and other equipment. They also learned about the importance of research and writing in news reporting.

The students were also able to ask questions about the challenges of working in the news industry. The news anchors and producers talked about the long hours, the pressure to meet deadlines, and the need to be accurate and unbiased.

The studio visit was a valuable learning experience for the students. They learned about the different aspects of news production and the challenges of working in the news industry. They also got to meet some of the leading journalists.

Here are some of the things that the students learned during their studio visit:

  • The news production process is complex and requires a team of people with different skills.
  • News anchors and producers need to be able to think critically and make quick decisions.
  • It is important to be accurate and unbiased when reporting the news.
  • The news industry is constantly changing and evolving.

The students were grateful for the opportunity to learn about the news industry from the experts at 24 News. They said that the studio visit helped them to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into producing news. They also said that they were inspired to pursue careers in journalism.