A street play was staged in front of the college campus to spread awareness on women rights and urged students to support the cause. It was organized and performed by the members of Women Cell of the Al Ameen College in the campus on 8/03/2023 at 1 pm. The group presented the tortures that women have to undergo in the country and ways to end the atrocities.The theme was based on status of women in the society.
The programme was organized on March 8 on the occasion of Women’s Day . The street play was beneficial  and helpful  in  motivating girls to become actively part of the modern, social and dynamic business world. They are just crucial as  men and part of the two side of the same coin.Girls must be inspired to overcome their basic and structural obstacles and to take all the challenges in their way forward. Street play was one of the footsteps in this direction. All, including the participants as well as spectators enjoyed the street play  appreciated it. It was encouraging to continue with more programmes in this category in future in the same intention and the program was concluded fervently.