The Department of Business Administration, in association with IIC and IEDC, organised a seminar, “Business Opportunities for Students and Faculty”, on June 26, 2023, at the College seminar hall. The primary objective of the session was to equip students with the ability to identify different business opportunities and enable them to explore these opportunities. The resource person for the session was Mr. Akhil Raj, the CEO of Myfill Food LLP and an experienced business strategist with expertise in planning, designing, establishing, developing, administering, and expanding businesses of various scopes and natures. Presently, his startup in the food industry is incubated at MES College, Marampally.

The session commenced with the resource person posing questions about the ambitions of students. He then delved into the main topic, introducing the ENNEAGRAM test and explaining how it helps individuals identify their areas of interest. He emphasised the importance of time management, seizing opportunities and shared the golden rules of opportunity scanning. Additionally, he discussed seven business opportunities that students can pursue during their academic period. The outcome of the session was highly encouraging, as several students were able to identify their key areas of interest and expressed a strong desire to start their businesses.

The seminar provided valuable guidance and insights that helped students recognise their entrepreneurial potential and spark their enthusiasm for pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. This newfound motivation and clarity will undoubtedly empower these students to take proactive steps towards establishing their businesses in the future. The session successfully instilled a sense of confidence and ambition among the participants, inspiring them to explore and seize the abundant business opportunities available to them.

The duration of the seminar was 2 hours, and a total of 63 students and four faculty members attended the session. The session proved to be highly beneficial for both students and faculty. The programme coordinator was Ms. Abeesha (student coordinator) and Ms. Ashina Z. (faculty coordinator).