Together with the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change , Al Ameen College Edathala,  received the first payment for the Paristhithikam Project in August 2022. It states that the college’s operations got underway in September. A decision to establish a bamboo forest at Koyilerimala (near the ground) and at Pachathuruth (the college campus) was made after a discussion with the 9th Ward Member of the Edathala Grama Panchayath. This decision has been carried out by the panchayat by performing waste disposal tasks at Koyilerimala close to the college. It was decided to move to the location near the public well (Nochima Govt. UPS owned, District Panchayat’s place) after learning that there would be a water shortage during the summer. To do this, the permission of the District Panchayat was requested through the headmistress of the school, and the location was cleaned with their approval. It was decided to complete the planting activities for Shalabhadhara Park after the summer due to the harsh weather. Prior to that, it was determined to plant the required plants throughout the project’s actual duration.


            On September 26th, ground preparation work for the college’s Miyawaki Forest was completed. No clearance is available for construction operations since the administration notified us that there may be future construction activities related to the college at the already planned site (the college is presently located quite near NAD [Naval Armament Depot]). As a result, the location was altered and set in the back of the college grounds. It was agreed to employ a motor for summer irrigation and clean the well. As a result, the area was set up, the well was cleaned, and the motor was constructed. The process of planting seedlings has begun. On February 2nd, 2023, trees were planted as seedlings. Additionally, flowers were planted in the college’s butterfly area.


Construction work was done to develop the wetland area of the college as part of the college’s Paristhithikam wetland renovation project. With the assistance of the owner of the campus canteen, Sri Bhasheer, vegetable seedlings (kanivellari, Brinjal, lady’s finger), were planted near the wetland area. Dr. Cini Kurian, the college’s principal, inaugurated the harvesting of the vegetables like kanivellari, brinjal, lady’s finger, green chili, etc. on the Al Ameen College campus on Thursday, December 23.  Jiss Therese, Sreeja C, and Shania Jobi, the project organizers, took part. The vegetables grown in the college are used in the college canteen during the college working days. Cultivation was done under the guidance of Krishi Bhavan, Edathala Grama panchayath.