The Literary Club, Al Ameen College and the Department of English collaborated to host a programme called “Ormayil Basheer” in honour of the late phenomenal writer Vaikom Muhammed Baheer. The programme was conducted in the mini-seminar hall on July 10, 2023, at 2 p.m. The participants of the programme were students from the second and third year of B.A. English. Mr Suhail from the first year B.A. English was the student coordinator of the programme. Mr Salih of the first year B.A. English gave the inaugural introductory talk. Later, first-year B.A. English students Ms Fathima Lamiya reviewed the novel Balyakala Sakhi,

Ms K R Hiba Fathima reviewed Premalekanam, and Ms Diya Soman reviewed the novel Pathummayude Aadu. The programme concluded with the talk of Ms Sumasree Sukumaran, Assistant Professor, Department of English. Her comprehensive analysis shed light to Vaikom Muhammed Bsheer’s life and literary works, providing the audience with a profound understanding of the writer’s significant contributions to the world of literature.