NSS UNIT-02 of Al-Ameen College Edathala  conducted a 3 Day orientation programme for first year NSS volunteers from 03/12/2022 to 06/12/2022. The program was conducted in order to help the students to become aware of NSS and its necessity in the society. First session was held on 3rd December 2022 at 9.30am and the session was handled by Dr Neenu Jose, NSS programme Officer, St.Xaviers College, Aluva on the topic ‘Group activity’. It started with an ice breaking session and the volunteers were divided into different groups and various activities were assigned to them. All volunteers participated enthusiastically and it helped the volunteers to interact each other.

The second day of orientation programme was handled by Dr Ajeesh K R, NSS Coordinator, Kottayam district, MG University on the topic ‘Aims and Objectives of NSS’. He discussed about how we can develop the personality and character of the student youth through voluntary community service. He briefed the volunteers on the NSS motto, importance of the NSS symbol and badge, aims and objectives, role and duties of volunteers, as well as activities to be performed in the village adopted by the unit.

The 3rd orientation session was handled by James Mathew, NSS Coordinator, Idukki district, MG University on the topic ‘special camping’. He explained the volunteers about the importance of NSS camp, role of volunteers, schedule of the camp and the tasks that the volunteers have to carry out. They also informed the volunteers about the rules and duties to be followed in the camp, dress code, and other essentials required for the camp.