The Al-Ameen College NSS unit with the financial assistance of Krishi Bhavan, Edathala has started organic farming in 50 cent plot within the college campus. The project aims to educate the students about the importance of good and healthy food habits and to provide awareness about the importance of pesticide-free agriculture. Vegetables including amaranthus, brinjal, chilly, ladies finger etc are cultivated in the plot. The project was inaugurated by Sri. Anwar Sadath, MLA on March 7, 2023.

          All the NSS volunteers worked in groups to ensure that the plants got adequate manure and water at regular intervals. The venture was a grand success with the first set of harvests done by Dr Junaid Rahman, Manager, Al-Ameen College on 31st March 2023. The vegetables were sold by the volunteers at a good profit. The wholehearted efforts and the unity among the volunteers helped the success of the farming project.