The women cell of Al Ameen College, Edathala organised a one hour session on  LEGAL AWARENESS FOR WOMEN. Legal awareness serves as   a powerful instrument for the following purposes including  demand justice: through citizen activism they can challenge the injustice, and effectively realize the rights enshrined in the constitution .The program was held on 30/06/2023 in the seminar hall at 10:30am. Students from departments like BA English, BBA, Bcom Tax, Msc Chemistry and physics attended the session. Esteemed Advocate C.P Thomas handled the session. The program began with a silent prayer. Dr.leena varghese, iqac co-ordinator delivered  the vote of thanks. The programme dealt in detail about how to overcome harassment from public place, home, work place and to fight against social evils like female infanticide, child marriage, corruption etc . The resource person also talked  about the value of legal framework. The interactive session of the program provided an invaluable platform for students to openly address their personal concerns and queries related to legal awareness.