On 17th March, 2023, the NSS volunteers organised food fest for SNEHA VEEDU fund collection. The NSS volunteers prepared food from their houses. The highlight of the fest was the availability of  homely and healthy food. The stall was filled with different varieties of foods. The stall named “THAKKARA PEEDIYA” started at 10:30 AM at college ANNEXE. It was inaugurated by The Manager, Dr. Junaid Rahman. The menu for the fest included snacks, deserts, drinks, and shakes. All the teaching and non-teaching staffs cooperated with the fest. Good food and good music fascinated the students. It created a good impact on the students. They learned to work in team and other learned various aspects involved in the management of food processing business. The food fest was successfully completed and gained a good profit. The money was handed down for the SNEHAVEEDU.