Al – Ameen College has a great mission to transform youth into globally competent, ethically sound, and socially committed individuals. It also place thrust on gender equality, environment, culture & tradition and character formation of students. The institution strives hard to accomplish its mission through various academic as well as non-academic activities and events organised inside and outside the campus. Practice: The Departments, Clubs and Cells of the institution embark on plentiful activities towards the accomplishment of the mission statement. The teachers and students plays a significant role in undertaking such activities.

Global Competence:

The students are provided with opportunities to hack global opportunities through various training and orientation including collaborative activities and industry linkage. Competitive exam coaching, Soft skill, IV, Internships etc.

Ethics & Value Education / Culture & Traditions

Significance is provided to transfuse values and ethics among students and also to uphold traditions and cultural practices.

Social Commitment

To instill social responsibility among young generation various programmes are undertaken under the auspice of respective clubs and cells. Students and staff has contributed and constructed a house to a student, Aid to blind school students, blood donation drives, painting of walls of Aluva District Hospital etc.