Department of B.Com Computer Application of Al-Ameen College organized an online debate for 1st year Bcom students through Google meet platform on the boon and bane of social media in the present scenario on 10th, Aug 2021. The debate helped the students to think critically and open up their views on the given topic.

Two teams with 10 students in each team participated in the debate. The team, in favour of social media, opined that it has many merits like-

  • Staying connected with friends and relatives
  • Keeping up to date news
  • Reducing communication barriers
  • Opportunities for entertainment as well as business
  • Free advertising

While opposite team opposed it with the negative side of social media like-

     -leads to addiction

     – leads to isolation

    – security issues and health issues

    – affecting productivity

   – spread fake news very fast

The moderator of the debate Dr Shalini Ajith concluded the debate by saying that social networking sites are a double-edged sword. Whether they are a blessing or a curse to society is for the user to decide. It mostly depends on how one uses it. However, there are chances, especially for teenagers, to be manipulated and fall into the traps of networking sites. So we should not disclose too much personal information and remember one thing- life is great if we spend less time on social networking sites and more time in the real world.