On 11 August 2021, Department of Business Administration, Al – Ameen College, Edathala, Aluva, organized a webinar on the topic “MOTIVATION – THE SECRETS OF A SUCCESSFUL MAN”. The resource person of the session was Mr. DILEEP KUMAR (Senior Programme Co-ordinator of KITCO Ltd).

The programme started with the Prayer Song. Ms. Krishnapriya (Second Year BBA) did the comparing of the session. Ms. Shabana (Second Year BBA) gave a warm welcome to the Resource person, other dignitaries and participants. After that, Mr. Dileep Kumar started the session by providing an overview of KITCO Ltd. He explained that the students should be motivated to learn how to persist longer, produce higher quality efforts, learn more deeply and perform better in their future. Further, he narrated the success stories of famous leaders and how did they achieve motivation in their life.

Mr. Sahad K.N (Second Year BBA) delivered the vote of thanks. It was a great exhilarating session for the students and encouraged them for their career planning. The event was coordinated by Ms. Ashina Z. (Faculty Coordinator) and Ms. Krishna Priya (Student Coordinator).