A Four-day International level lecture series on “Wavelet transforms and image processing” was organized by post-graduate Department of Mathematics, Al-Ameen  College, Edathala, Ernakulam, Kerala. The inaugural session began with the welcome speech delivered by Dr. Vinitha T, HOD and programme co-ordinator, Department of Mathematics. She welcomed all on the behalf of department and college. Our principal Dr. Cini Kurian gave the presidential address.  Four academic sessions were conducted in these four days.

DAY 1 (09-08-2021)

TECHNICAL SESSION 1: (10am – 12.30pm)

Talk 1 -“On Wavelets: a mathematical tool for image processing” by Dr.Noufal A.A, Assistant professor, CUSAT. In his talk, he briefly mentioned about the definition of wavelet and how to use it in image processing. Towards the end of the talk, two-dimensional multi-resolution was discussed and demo its practical use was demonstrated in an image processing perspective with examples. Presentation was followed by a doubt clearing session and feedbacks were elicited from the audience.

DAY 2 (10-08-2021)

TECHNICAL SESSION 2: (10am-12.30pm)

Talk 2- “On wavelet transform and it’s application in image processing” by Dr. Lineesh M.C, Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, NIT, Calicut. In his talk he discussedd about various uses of Fourier transform and wavelet transform. In this lecture an introduction to Fourier transform and Fourier approximation were explained with illustration. MRA is considered as the key concept in wavelet analysis and the construction of wavelet basis are also explained in this talk. Finally, different types of wavelet transform were explained with sufficient mathematical back ground. Presentation was followed by doubt clearing session and interaction.

DAY 3 (11-08-2021)

TECHNICAL SESSION3:(10.45am-1pm)

Talk 3- “On introduction to wavelets and its application” by Dr. Varun. P. Gopi, Assistant professor, Electronics and Communication department, NIT, Trichy. In his talk he provided the information about areas where we use wavelet and image processing.


The valedictory function began with the welcome speech by Ann Mary Pathrose, 1st M.sc Mathematics, Al-Ameen College, Edathala. Reflections and feedbacks were received from each and every participants of the whole event. The certificates were distributed among speakers, paper presenters etc. through email.

Lakshmi R , 1st M.sc, Department of Mathematics, delivered the vote of thanks and Farsana Noushad K N(1st M.sc), Ann Mary pathrose(1st M.sc), Lakshmi R(1st M.sc), Rushda V A(1st M.sc), Aminsha P A (1st M.sc),  Sreelakshmi G (1st M.sc), Department of Mathematics anchored the whole section of the programme.