The department of English  conducted a webinar on 6th August 2021 as part of sociology webinar series. The webinar began at 5pm in the evening. The resource person Dr. Baiju P V, Assistant Professor, Mac Ewan University Kerala discussed the topic, Dowry Death :  An Indian Case Study of Durkheimian Theory of Suicide, shedding lights on the recent dowry deaths reported in Kerala. The programme began with the welcome address by Dr Cini Kurian, Principal. The introduction of the guest was carried out by Ms Afiya, Student coordinator. The resource person Dr. Baiju P V, also took much of his time to clear the doubts of the participants. Total of 80 participants took part in the webinar. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Roopa K.L, Assistant professor of Sociology, Department of English. The programme ended at 6.30 PM.