On August 18, 2022, the Department of Chemistry, in association with IIC and IEDC, Al-Ameen College, Edathala, organised a seminar on “Business Ideas on Rubber Processing and Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry,” an expertise talk by Dr. Dileep, Assistant Director, JJ Murphy Research Centre, Rubber Park India PVT. LTD, Perumbavoor. The objective of the program was to create interest in and awareness about the growth and development of rubber processing and manufacturing industries and utilize this expertise and knowledge to start an industry allied to rubber manufacturing and related areas, finally giving the students a better future as rubber industrialists.

The program started at 2 p.m. in the seminar hall with a silent prayer, and Dr. Shibinimol P.A., the coordinator of the program, gave a warm welcome to the resource person, other teachers, and participants. Dr. Dileep started the program by giving a brief introduction to natural and synthetic rubber, its properties, uses, and different manufacturing processes.

The topics Dr. Dileep explained mainly

  1. About Rubber
  2. India’s Rubber Industry
  3. Positive outlooks for rubber
  4. Challenges and opportunities
  5. List of profitable ideas in rubber processing
  6. Business tips and small- and medium-scale businesses
  7. Types of rubber products and their manufacturing techniques and uses

The orientation class by Dr. Dileep also describes the scope and viability of the trading industry and its market potential. He also gave the idea that youngsters have so many opportunities to start a small-scale business using rubber.