TitleAuthorBooks / JournalConference / ProceedingsYear Of PublicationISBN/ISSN Number
Elucidation of Contaminant-Induced Toxic ResponsesShibiniMol P. AHuman and Ecological Risk Assessment----------2014-15ISSN: 1080-7039 print / 1549-7860 online
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Biodegradable Polymers: Application, its environmental impactsDr. Laji Latheef----------Frontiers in Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, FPSRT 2014, St Paul’S college, Kalamassery2014-15----------
Role of Social media in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions.Dr. Laji Latheef----------National Seminar on Quality in Higher education: Exploring New Frontiers in Rural Institutions, Al-Ameen College,Edathala2014-15----------
Extraction of silica with diverse morphology from different grass sourcs and the role as mechanical reinforcement in HMHDPE-LIDPE BlendShadiya M A----------National seminar on biopolymers and green composites-an emerging science and technology, centre of biopolymer science and technology, cochin2014-15----------
Mechanical and Melt Rheological Properties of Nano Zirconia Reinforced HMHDPE-LLDPE Blend”Shadiya M A----------14th Prof. K V Thomas endowment National Seminar 2014, on New frontiers in Chemical Research2014-15ISBN: 978-81-930558-0-9
Fibrous nano silica from bamboo: Excellent biofiller in HMHDPE-LLDPE blendShadiya.M.A----------Proceedings of 24thSwadeshi Science congress, 2014, Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University2014-15ISBN: 978‐81‐928129‐2‐2
A Green Source for the Synthesis of Structurally Controlled Silica Nano Fibers and Its Mechanical Reinforcement in HMHDPE-LLDPE BlendShadiya M A----------National Conference on Stimulating concepts in green chemistry2014-15----------
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nano Zirconia Reinforced HMHDPE-LLDPE BlendShadiya M A----------National Seminar on Characterisation Techniques in chemistry2014-15----------
A facile route for the synthesis of nano fibrous silica from Indian grass: A promising biofiller for HMHDPE-LLDPE blendShadiya M A----------Proceedings of 27th Kerala Science Congress2014-15ISBN 81-86366-88-1
Effect of Zirconia nano filters on HMHPE-LLDPD blend: mechanical, thermal and morphological evaluationsShadiya M A----------National seminar on colloquium on exotic materials and its implication in ocietal life, Research and pg dept. of chemistry sri vyasa college, wadakkanchery2015-16----------
solation of Silica with Structurally Controlled Morphology from a Green Source and Its Role as Mechanical Reinforcement in HMHDPE-LLDPE BlendShadiya M A----------National Seminar on Modern trends in Chemistry, Kerala varma college, Thrissur2015-16----------
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High Performance Tetragonal Nanozirconia Reinforced HMHDPE-LLDPE Blend Nanocomposite with Improved Tribological PropertiesShadiya M A----------International Conference on New Trends in Applied Chemistry, NTAC-20172016-17----------
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Effect of poly(ethylene‐co‐vinyl acetate)Additive on Mechanical Properties of Maleic anhydride Grafted ABS for Coating ApplicationsShadiya M AJournal of Vinyl and Additive Technology, Wiley----------2017-18----------
Heavy metal accumulation in the bivalves along the specific fishing zones of Central kerala, IndiaShibiniMol P A----------fifth national conference of Ocean Society of India (OSICON-17) held at National Centre for Earth Science Studies, OSICON Thiruvananthapuram2017-18----------
Spatial variation and source identification of heavy metals in the surface sediments of Central Kerala, South west coast of IndiaShibiniMol P. A----------Multi-disciplinary International Conference on Green economy and environment sustainability Al-Ameen College, Edathala2017-18----------
Template assisted syntheticis of nanozirconiaShadiya M. A----------National Level Research Orientation Programme in Sciences [ROP 2018], Research committee, Maharajas college, Ernakulam2017-18----------
Spatial distribution of organic geochemical record in the core sedimentsalong the prominent zones of Central Kerala, IndiaShibiniMol P. A.Environmental forensics----------2018-19ISSN: 1527-5922 print/1527-5930 online
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Anexploratory water quality analysis of river periyarDr. Leji LatheefAl- Ameen Annuals- A Refereed Journal for interdisciplinary studies----------2018-19ISSN: 2581-7079