Department of Business Administration conducted an outreach program in flood affected area of 1st , 2 nd , 3 rd and   th ward of Kanjoor Grama Panchayath. Survey was done as an extension program of the department which also  howcases the social commitment of our department to the society we belong. Total of 89 students participated in the survey, for three days. The students have to register their names at at the time of registration,they should also mention the respective areas they are planning to work. The area allocated for our
students was kanjoor grama panchayath.students were registered as volunteers under “rebuild kerala”, a mobile app launched by Local Self-Government Department for gathering information on the damage caused to buildings and other properties in the recent floods, where the data collected with the help of the app will be submitted to a panel
comprising engineers of local bodies and technical experts. The members of the panel will conduct a field visit to make sure the information uploaded through the app is correct. They  will also asses the volume of damage and will submit the report, based on which the government will disburse the compensation amount. Each student has to download the app from play store. The information collected from the respondents are recorded in the app. the photos of the damaged houses and properties need to be uploaded in the given app. Students were formed into different groups where each group consist of 2 students. Each student has to cover minimum of 50 houses. The training programme for technical assistance was provided before the survey