A Two –day national seminar on “Algebraic Geometry and Number theory” was organized by NBHM (National Board of Higher Mathematics) and KSCSTE (Kerala State Council for Science, Technology And Environment) in collaboration with Al Ameen college Edathala. The inaugural session began with the welcome speech delivered by Prof.Vinitha T Head of the department. In her welcome address she proudly announces it’s the first national seminar organized by the department of mathematics. Our principal pro.sasidharan M P gives the presidential address. Dr.Junaid Rahman, manager, AL Ameen College also delivers the presidential address. Dr.M Manickam, Director, KeralaSchool of mathematics, was the chief guest for the occasion. In his address Prof .Manickam explains the important of conducting national seminars in colleges. Towards the end of the session prof.Stephy Antony, Assistant professor, Department of mathematics, delivers the vote of thanks.

Talk I ‘On Character’s delivered by Dr.M Manickam, Director Kerala School of Mathematics was chaired by Dr.A.T Singh, North Eastern Hill University Shillong .In his talk he briefly mention about the work of Dirichlet, German mathematicians who made deep contribution to
the number theory .and discuss about periodic functions and later Dirichlet characters after which he move onto the next generalization of such functions. Each presentation was followed by a question answer session and fruitful interactions and feedbacks from the audience.

Talk II ‘On some unsolved problems in elementary number theory Dr.A.T. Singh, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong was chaired by Dr.Sunny Kuriakose, former Principal of Baselios Poulose II Catholics college ,Piravam and dean FISAT..In his talk we will discuss some of unsolved problems in elementary number theory.

We had four paper presentations. The section is chaired by Dr.Sunny Kuriakose, Dean Federal Institute of Science and Technology.

DAY 2 (14-08-2018)
Talk III ‘Some Results On Restricted Integer Partitions ‘delivered by Dr.Vishnu Namboodiri.K, Govt.College, Ambalapuzha chaired by Dr.Sarbeswar Pal, IISER TVM.His talk is on For a given natural number n, a partition of n is a sum of the form n = x1 + ……..+ xk where xi are natural numbers. There have been many attempts to find a formula for the number of partitions of a given natural number. When we restrict the parts (xi’s) in the partition by some condition, such a partition is known as a restricted partition. Requiring that all the xi are primes is such a requirement, and it can be seen as something closely related to the still unproved statement of Goldbach. this section is followed by an interaction section with the audience .

Talk IV ‘Three Systems Of Numeration And Application Of Continued Fraction In Indian Astronomy “By Venkateswara R. Pai, IISER, Pune., Chaired by Dr.A.T Singh .In his talk he introduce Indian Astronomical tradition starts from the time of Āryabhaṭa (499 CE). One of
the Mathematical techniques which was used in these texts, to solve several astronomical problems, is continued fraction. Having explained three systems which got developed to represent the numbers, we would proceed to explain how Indian astronomers made use of continued fraction for solving different astronomical problems by considering the Moon’s motion as a case study.

Talk V ‘On Constancy of Second Co-ordinate of the gonality sequence by, Dr. Sarbeswar Pal, IISER, and TVM. Chaired Vishnu Namboodiri.K, Govt.College, Ambalappuzha. He introduces the idea of a smooth irreducible projective curve C and an integer r one can
associate an integer dr as the minimal degree of a line bundle with r+1 sections. Thus to each curve one can associate a sequence (d1, d2, …) called gonality sequence. The first co-ordinate of the gonality sequence is known as the gonality of C. Let X be a K3 surface and L be an ample line bundle on it. In this talk i will recall the basic definitions and results towards the gonality sequence and at the end we will see that under certain condition the second co-ordinate of the gonality sequence is constant along the smooth curves in the linear system |L|.

The valedictory function began with the welcome speech made by the prof, sasidharan M.P,Principal.Al Ameen College Edathala,Aluav.In his welcome address ,prof,sasidharan warmly welcomed all the guest and the general audience at large for the final session of the Two –day national Seminar on “Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory”. After that there was an award distribution ceremony for the toppers of all the three PG batches of department of mathematics, which is sponsored by the alumni of the department .Reflections and feedback were received from each and every participants of the whole event followed by distribution of certificates among speakers, paper presenters etc.

Prof.Vinitha T, Head of the department, Department of mathematics, gave vote of thanks and Asna (Ist M.sc ) ,Hyrunissa (IIndM.sc) and prof. Rachel Paul ,department of mathematics anchored the whole section of the program.