Women  Cell  of  Al-Ameen  College  Edathala  organized  a  seminar  on the  “ Opportunities  on  establishing  small  enterprises” by  C.R  Sathiavathy, Joint  Director  of  Fisheries  and  Executive  Director, SAF  society  for assistance  to  fisher women  on 8-03-2018. This  seminar  was  conducted  with an  idea  of  empowering  the  students with the  real experience of  someone  who  achieved  the  goal of organizing. The women and set  up small  enterprises. Dr Satyavathy  briefly  explained  the  challenges and issues  faced  in  the  implementation  of  microenterprises  among  fisher women. She  offered  technical and managerial  support to  set  up small  enterprises  suitable  for the  local  conditions  such  as  soap  making  unit, book  binding  and  keeping. The  students  were  so  thrilled  after listening    the  real  experience  of  Dr  Sathyavathy.  The  women  cell  donated  an  amount of  Rs 5000/- as  a financial assistance  to  the children  of  fisher women  in chellanam.