NSS and Anti -Drugs cell conducted an Awareness programme on 08th March 2018.  The resource person was Vimukti district coordinator V.T. Job. Vimukthi is an anti-narcotics campaign launched by the Government of Kerala to highlight the seriousness of the situation and to create awareness among the people, especially the youth. Mr. Job was able to make the students aware of the dangers awaiting them outside the campus and boosted them up to say no to drugs. He also mentioned about certain incidents of drug abuse and the resultant depression and suicidal tendencies in students, in various parts of the country. He also ensured the students that, help is available, and all they need is to ask for it. The session was highly influential and students were enthusiatic to be part of Anti- Drug Cell as they understood that they will be contributing to create better future for our country. Volunteer secretary P.M. Afiya welcomed the gathering and Anaswara expressed thanks. The tour was led by NSS programme officers Prof. ShahanoorBeegum and Prof. Abdul Salam.