The Department of B com CA of Al Ameen College has organized a seminar on ‘CAREER IN LOGISTICS, in association with Kerala Steds,  on 21st June, 2022 at 2 pm. 60 students participated in the program.

Mr. Sreejith K. C. of Kerala Sted gave a brief overview of his professional background before introducing the participants to the idea of supply chain logistics. Mr. Sreejith enlightened the audience by illustrating the basic skills needed for a successful professional. The speaker went on to speak about the area of logistics, mainly the functioning of supply chain logistics and the role of logistics for the economic development of the country. At 3 pm the program came to a close. A total of 60 students participated in the programme.

Objectives of the program-

  1. To create an interest in the concept of Logistics among students.
  2. To analyze the carrier growth in the area of Logistics.