The stock market offers excellent investment opportunities where the money invested earns a good return either in form of capital appreciation or regular income from dividends. Stocks are preferably purchased for investment purposes when their prices are low so that they produce relatively high profits through dividends. An investment strategy is what guides an investor’s decisions based on goals, risk tolerance, and future needs for capital. Some investment strategies seek rapid growth where an investor focuses on capital appreciation, or they can follow a low-risk strategy where the focus is on wealth protection.

The Post Graduate Department of Commerce has organized a workshop on stock market operations in association with Geojit Financial Services on 22-8-2019 in the seminar hall. The resource person of the programme , Dr.V.K.Vijaya Kumar(Chief Investment Strategist,Geojit Financial Services) discussed about the topic “create wealth through smart investment”.Prof.M.B Sasidharan, Principal,Al-Ameen College welcomed the gathering. Both degree and PG students were participated in the workshop.

The resource person provide an introduction to the stock market operations and how to create wealth maximization through investment . The workshop help the students to understand the practical aspects stock  market operations and to learn How to Trade & invest safely and profitably. The program concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Prof. Daly K.R.(HOD, Dept of Commerce).