Talk -Break the Bias –Gender Equality Today for Sustainable Tomorrow

The Women’s Cell of Al Ameen College on International Womens’ Day organised a motivating speech presented by Ms Thennal, former Announcer Akasavani and a singer. Dr. Cini Kurian, the Principal, presided over the programme. Dr.Shaniba MH, Coordinator, Women’s Cell, welcomed the audience. The main motive of this program was to enthuse and encourage girls to devise visions and goals to cope with the current dynamic world.

Today, women are considered an essential part of the society and modern business spectrum with the same pertinence as men in all aspects. Although women are actively participating in taking new ventures and challenges consistently & abundantly, they are facing challenges and discrimination in many spheres of life. There is a need for more encouragement and inspiration in achieving the complete target of stopping gender discrimination. The speech focused on strategies to overcome barriers and obstacles. With courage, determination, and hard work woman, can achieve great strides in their way forward and will become an asset to the family and the nation in general. The program highlighted various misinterpretations about women’s empowerment and the active participation of women in present society. Miss Saliha, Student coordinator, of Women Cell, proposed a vote of thanks.


It was a pleasant extravaganza when the Women Cell of Al Ameen College conducted a fantastic food fest on 10/3/2022 to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among our students as a part of the women empowerment initiative of the college. The Venue was College Auditorium. The main intention of this program was to create more support systems for women entrepreneurs while presenting the message that it is up to women to break away from stereotyped mindsets. The Principal inaugurated the food fest and exhibition at 2 pm in Auditorium. There were 12 stalls of varieties of food items and handmade products. Another attraction of the festival was the Mehandi Corner. Our girl students actively participated by making delicious foods with innovative methods. They made good profits and encouraged feedback. Participants, as well as visitors, enjoyed the fest and exhibition passionately. We had good sales for all products and garnered spontaneous appreciation from visitors to the entire management team. Girls were enthusiastic throughout the venture making this fest & exhibition an enormously successful event. Moreover, they proved competent as innovating entrepreneurs in the modern business world.


It is with keen intention to fight against gender discrimination in society and to raise the slogan of women empowerment that members of the Women Cell of the Al Ameen College organized and performed a street play at HMT Junction on 9/03/2022 at 1 pm. Today, although women enjoy freedom in the social and professional world to a limited extent, there is a need for more inclusion and acceptance to achieve the ultimate goal of complete empowerment. The street play aimed to motivate girls to become productive members of today’s competitive world. They are an equally important member of society as men and form two sides of the same coin. Women need to be inspired to overcome stereotypical obstacles and face all challenges. The street play was one step in this direction. All the participants, as well as spectators, enjoyed the street play. The appreciation received is a motivation to continue with similar programs in future.


I take this pledge in the name of my mother
I will always treat all women with dignity and respect
I will never physically or mentally abuse any women
I will remain committed to the elimination of violence against women”