IPR and Patents is an area of major concern because it incentivizes entrepreneurs to keep pushing for new advances in the face of adversity. Intellectual property is the product of human intellect including creativity concepts, innovations, industrial models, trademarks etc.

The IPR Cell of Al-Ameen College, Edathala in association with ED Club and Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) and KSCSTE Organized a webinar on IPR and Innovations on 30 March 2021. The major objective of the programme was to provide awareness to the students about IPR and its applications in Startups.

The programme was scheduled as 2 sessions. One in the forenoon and the other in the afternoon. The morning session was handled by Dr.Vinod V, Dean of the Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, University of Calicut. The webinar was inaugurated and Addressed by Dr.Cini Kurian, College Principal. Ms.Thasny Faisal, Member Coordinator of IPR Cell delivered the welcome speech. The session started by 10:00 am. During the session Dr.Vinod V emphasized about different forms of IPR. He also included several interesting examples which made the session highly interactive. By 11:00 am the first session came to an end. After that queries of the participants were answered by the speaker. Ms.Sanooja MS, ED Club Member delivered the vote of thanks.100 participants attended the session and it was really informative to the students.

The second session started by 11:30 am. The speaker was Dr. Jippu Jacob, Adjunct Professor & Coordinator (IPR Cell), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Amal Jyothy College of Engineering, Kanjirapally. The session was about the relevance of IPR in Startups. The session was addressed by Dr. Cini Kurian, College Principal. Welcome speech was proposed by Ms. Neema Jose, Student Coordinator of IPR cell. During the session the speaker pointed out the importance of IPR in Startups. The session came to an end by 12:30 pm. A few minutes discussion was followed the session. The webinar was very much relevant and useful for the participants.