The department of biotechnology of Al Ameen College Edathala just launched a new project for water analysis. The Kerala Pollution Control Board acknowledged and granted approval to the water quality analysis laboratory with the license number: PCB/LAB/C57/2022.

The Water Quality Analysis Laboratory is utilized to keep track of the water quality improvement and control processes. Physical, chemical, and biological water quality characteristics are among the three types that are tested for or tracked in accordance with the intended water parameters. The department of biotechnology built the water quality analysis laboratory with the goal of providing a practical method for evaluating the quality of water that we use and drink on a regular basis.

On October 28, 2022, at 2: 00 p.m., the water quality analysis lab was officially opened by Hon. Member of Parliament Benny Behanan followed by a  formal inaugural ceremony in the seminar hall. The session was formally inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the principal guest, Hon. MP Benny Behanan. The head of the department of biotechnology, Ms. Rahimol Ramesh, welcomed everyone. Presidential remarks were made by Dr. Junaid Rahman, manager of Al Ameen College.

The event’s keynote speaker was Mr. Mahesh K R, an employee of the Kerala water authority. He informed the pupils about the necessity for high-quality water and the significance of water conservation. The session was congratulated by Prof. Indu G., Vice Principal, and Dr. Leena Varghese, Coordinator of the IQAC. The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Nazla K. A., assistant professor, department of biotechnology. The program was concluded by 3. 30 pm.

The public can now use the water quality analysis laboratory facility.