Craft is creating with my hands from my heart and having control over the whole process…”    – Helen Hallows.

To discover the undiscovered talents and to foster a culture of creativity and  innovative thinking among students, art exhibitions and competitions are regularly organized. It is about encouraging, nurturing and showcasing every child’s natural creative flair. Through these contests, students learn to explore the extent of their imagination and express themselves without any fear. The young artists of our college, who are too young to even understand the meaning of life, have displayed greater levels of creativity and refinement.

PG Department of Al-Ameen College organised a virtual Art and craft competition ELYSIAN on 25.8.2020. The objective of the programme was to teach various forms of art and craft to develop aesthetic values and appreciate the beauty of nature.For this,we have provided competition categories :reusable, innovative, marketable products. The student coordinators of the programme were Sufeera T A and Anagha M S from class. There was the involvement of various artists of our college in displaying their exhibits like glass painting, spray painting, water painting, collage, and brought up innovative ideas for making the best out of waste. The participants sent             2–3minute videos with their name, department and product description. Many innovative ideas were contributed by the students. The winner of the program was Thansi Nadirsha from third-year B.Com Taxation. The second prize was bagged by Jasmin T A. It was a wonderful experience for the teachers and students.