The state flower garden introduced in 2019 by the biodiversity club was further beautified and weeds were removed by a one-month long process and denoted as “State flower garden month”. October month (of 2020) was selected as state flower garden month and all the weeds were removed by staff members of the biodiversity club. During the month on every day, at least an hour was spent by the members of the club for this activity alone. After that ornamental plants were planted to beautify the garden. Half of such plants were bought with the financial assistance of the college management, while the rest are brought and contributed by the club members. By the end of October 2020, the state flower garden was completely beautified. The whole program was coordinated by the club coordinator Ms Alphy and the joint coordinator Ms Jiss Therese. Other members including Mr Safeer Ummer, Ms Angel C John, Ms Sanooja MS, and Ms Chinnu PS were also involved in the beautification activities.