The nature club members placed ‘pen boxes’ in every classroom, staff room, and office to collect used pens. It wasn’t just about collecting pens, but also about creating awareness among students about reducing plastic waste and emphasizing the need to recycle it. The benefit will be that people won’t carelessly toss

pens around. The collected pens will be refilled and given back to students at a lower price through this movement. Any remaining pens will be recycled. Through this, the club aims to educate the younger generation on how to manage and recycle used products at the basic level.

This mission was coordinated by Ms.Alphy Nisa Steaphen(Nature club Coordinator),Ms Jiss Therese(Nature club joint coordinator) and Mr Safeer Ummer(Nature club –Technical supporter).The pen boxes were prepared by collecting waste boxes from the local shops and then converting them by proper labeling and marking.