In connection with the teachers’ day celebration which marks the birth anniversary of Dr S Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education and was a well-known scholar, president of India and above all a teacher, the students of B.Com C A on 5th September 2020 organized a surprise program for the teachers.

The entire department (students, teachers, retired teachers, and alumni) was enthusiastic and very active in the celebration right from the beginning of the program. The celebration was conducted through online platform, Google meet. The program started off with a silent prayer, followed by the inaugural address delivered by Dr. Mary P U, Head of the Department.  Proceeding further, the program was felicitated by the teachers, Midlaj K S, Rakhi Golakrishnan, Aswathy V S, Shalini Ajith, Neema H N, Viju P V and Anjaly Muraleedharan. All teachers expressed their appreciation toward students in organizing the program honoring teachers. Jasmine of D3 B. Com expressed their gratitude and appreciation to teachers. Adash Prabhu, representative of Alumni also shared his words of appreciation on the occasion expressing their gratitude to students for organizing the event.

After the formal program, the students conducted various entertainment programs including songs, experience sharing, games and puzzles for teachers. All the teachers actively participated in the events and reminisced by sharing their childhood memories. Mr. Viju of English department and Shalini of Hindi department spoke about their most favorite teachers as well. The program was concluded with vote of thanks by Anjana of D3 B.Com.